Reggie Burrows Hodges

About the Artist

Early Life and Education

Reggie Burrows Hodges was born in Compton, California in 1965. His childhood in Compton has been the inspiration for many of his paintings.

Reggie Burrows Hodges
Swimming in Compton: Look Ma, 2019

He attended the University of Kansas, where he studied theater and film. Hodges worked at various jobs in television and film production.

He spent time in Brooklyn, where he became co-owner of Bass Mind Recording Studio and also co-founded the reggae dub band Trumystic. Hodges played the bass and wrote songs for the band.


Hodges began his teaching career, not as an artist, but as a professional Tennis Coach for the United States Tennis Association/International Tennis Federation (USTA/ITF) Pro Circuit.

Reggie Burrows Hodges
Black Ground: First Serve, Hands Behind Your Back, 2019

Since 2016, Hodges has been working as Adjunct Instructor in the Animation and Game Art Department of the Maine College of Art in Portland. In the past few years, Hodges’ works have gained increased recognition.

His work was recently included in a show at the Karma Gallery in New York, alongside the works of established artists like Alex Katz. That group show has led to a solo exhibit of his works, scheduled for 2021 at Karma. Hodges will also have a solo show at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in 2022.

Reggie Burrows Hodges “In the Service of Others”, 2019

Reggie Burrows Hodges
Black Ground: In the Service of Others, 2019
Acrylic on canvas
54 x 68 inches
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Last year he received the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation Fellowship in the Visual Arts and this year he was the recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters & Sculptors Grant.

Laura Phillips, Assistant Curator at the Whitney, who was a member of the committee that chose Hodges for the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation award, said, “Hodges’s sophisticated approach to figuration, composition and color in the recent paintings made the work immediately compelling. I am also excited for the chance to recognize a practice that feels so deeply thoughtful — coming from a place of of both personal memory and contemporary questions of identity.”

Most recently, Hodges has been awarded a residency in Baie Sainte Marie, Nova Scotia.

Hodges begins each work with a black background, upon which he builds. He works in series, creating figurative paintings that feel very intimate, very personal.

Reggie Burrows Hodges b. 1965 “Intersection of Color: Experience”

Reggie Burrows Hodges
Intersection of Color: Experience
Acrylic, oil & pastel on canvas
48 x 60 inches
For sale at Surovek Gallery

His works are in the public collections of the Presidential Lounge in Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine and the Baxter Brewing Company in Lewiston, Maine.

Reggie Burrows Hodges lives in Lewiston, Maine.

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