Loie Hollowell


I want looking at my paintings to be like looking at a human face, uninhibited, your eyes dive into the details, especially at the center, and then jump back out again. I want your eyes to see the microcosm and the macrocosm. - Loie Hollowell

 Loie Hollowell is an American artist whose geometric, symmetrical, abstract compositions evoke a sense of the female form. 


Loie Hollowell was born in Woodland, California in 1983. She received her BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2005 and completed her MFA in Painting at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012. 


In 2004 Hollowell received a residency at the Yale Summer School of Art and Music. In 2013 she was given a Queens Arts Fund Grant from the Queens Council on the Arts.


When she was about seven years old, her father made her a studio in a closet in their home, complete with an easel, canvas and painting supplies. Tantric paintings, the works of Georgia O’Keeffe and other artists have inspired Hollowell’s work.


Going through the pregnancies and births of her two children, especially during the pandemic, had a profound effect on her works. She has been painting on canvasses that are built up with foam, often to resemble the female form. Hollowell also works in pastel, woodcut and other medium. 


Her works have been shown at the Hirshhorn, the Museum De Fundatie in the Netherlands, The X Museum in Beijing, The Long Museum West Bund, the Museum of Art in Berlin and other major museums and galleries.


Loie Hollowell lives and works in Queens, New York.




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