Picasso and Other Greats


Dora Maar met Pablo Picasso in 1936. It was a rough year for Picasso, who had stopped painting for months, and a good year for Maar, who was at the height of her career as a photographer. Maar had a significant influence of Picasso's career. She encouraged him to become aware of the political turmoil of the times, taught him about photography and the cliché verre technique, which combined photography and printmaking.


Maar photographed Picasso in 1937, while he worked on his masterpiece, Guernica. She was also the subject of many of his paintings. On October 6, Femme dans un fauteuil, a portrait of Maar that Picasso did in 1941, sold at Christie's for $29,557,500.


Alex Katz

Alex Katz celebrated his 93rd birthday on July 24th. His long career has been marked by his unique, incomparable style. On October 28th, his 1978 painting, The Red Band, sold at Sotheby's auction in New York for $3.1 million. The painting is one of the many that Katz has painted of Ada, his wife and muse.


David Hockney

David Hockney moved from the UK to the Hollywood Hills in 1964. It was in LA that he did some of his best work. Nichols Canyon, a 1980 painting that depicts a winding road through hills in Los Angeles, marks the beginning of Hockney's exploration of panoramic landscapes.


The painting is valued at $35 million and will be auctioned at Phillips auction house in New York in December. David Hockney has been spending his time at his home in Normandy, doing iPad drawings of scenes from his window and creating landscapes of the vistas around his farmhouse.


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