Serene American Scenes

Art lovers know is that looking at a work of art is an emotional experience that can transport us to breathtaking places and stir feelings in us that can make us feel calm and serene.

Many of the American artists whose works are in our gallery discovered places that they loved to paint and share with the world.

Wolf Kahn 1927-2020

Wolf Kahn and his wife, painter Emily Mason, lived and worked in Manhattan. In 1968, they began to spend summers and autumns on their farm on a hillside in Vermont, where the landscape inspired him.

Wolf Kahn
Barn in the Corner, 2009
Oil on canvas
Framed Size:  64 x 84 inches
Signed: “W. Kahn” lower center
Dated, numbered and inscribed with title
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Kahn liked to tell the story of an early interview with a local Vermont newspaper:

“The first question was, ‘How many paintings do you do a year?’ I said maybe 100. The second was, ‘How much do you charge?’ I said a couple of hundred bucks. The next time I had to have my barn reshingled, all of a sudden the price went up.”

Kahn nevertheless thinks highly of his neighbors, be they the farmers who live next door or their cattle that graze his land.

I’ve gotten to feel like I’m no longer just a flatlander — I belong here.”

Artist: Wolf Kahn (1927-2020) Title: A Slight Curve in the Meadow's Edge", 1989 Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 52 x 72 inches

Wolf Kahn
A Slight Curve in the Meadow’s Edge, 1989
Oil on canvas
52 x 72 inches For sale at Surovek Gallery

Kahn was inspired by the Vermont landscape and took refuge in his New York studio. In New York he painted from memory, creating the scenes and colors of Vermont with his paints and brushes, while viewing the gray of the skyscrapers and the top of the Empire State Building that he could see outside of his studio window.

Neil Welliver 1929-2005

Neil Welliver
Self-portrait, 1984

Neil Welliver found serenity in the woods and waters of Lincolnville, Maine. He studied art at Yale, taught there and at Cooper Union and at the University of Pennsylvania, where he became chairman of the University of the Graduate School of Fine Art, from which he retired in 1989.

Neil Welliver
Study for Stream with Falls
Oil on canvas
20 x 20 inches
Signed:Welliver (l.r.)
For sale at Surovek

A series of tragic events marred much of Welliver’s middle years. In 1975 his home and studio burned down and he lost much of his artwork. He experienced the death of an infant daughter, two sons and his second wife.

Neil Welliver
Bear Hole
Oil on canvas
72 x 72 inches
Signed:Welliver (l.r.)
For sale at the Surovek Gallery

Welliver found solace in his painting. In harsh winters and brutal summers, he would carry his supplies in a backpack and walk into the woods. When he found a spot he liked, he would do a detailed study and then return to his studio, where he worked on completing the painting. A single painting would take him four to six weeks to complete.

Neil Welliver died in 2005. He left a legacy of remarkable paintings. He was survived by two sons, Ethan and Titus Welliver. Titus is not only a painter, but also an actor, known for playing the title role in the tv series Bosch.

Anthony Thieme 1888-1954

Anthony and Lillian Thieme at their home in Rockport, Massachusetts.

Anthony Thieme was born in Holland. He spent his young adult years studying art and traveling the world. He settled in Boston, then met and married in 1929. The couple settled in Rockport, where he became an active part of the arts community.

Anthony Thieme
Vermont Autumn Glory
For sale at Surovek Gallery

In 1935, Thieme became a U.S. citizen. He and his wife spent summers in St. Augustine.

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