Ernie Barnes Works in LA, Koons' Dog Smashed

On May 12, 2022, Ernie Barnes’ 1970 Sugar Shack painting sold for $13 million at Christie’s New York auction, more than 75 times its estimated price. Here's a look at moment it happened: That particular work stirred up memories for many people who saw it behind the credits on the sitcom Good Times and on a Marvin GaBarnes’ paintings are currently on exhibit at UTA Artist Space Los Angeles and at Frieze Los Angeles.  The UTA show focuses on Barnes music-inspired works, which are joyful celebrations of juke joints and dance halls. Ernie Barnes: Where Music and Soul Live will be on exhibit through April 1, 2023.



Just in case you missed it, a Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Sculpture was smashed to bits during Miami’s Art Wynwood V.I.P. preview night on February 16.


A New York Times report said that an unidentified woman tapped the blue porcelain sculpture with her finger, causing it to fall off its pedestal and crash to the floor.  A large crowd gathered around the shards. Here’s a video of the aftermath:



The 16 by 19 inch piece was insured for $42,000. The broken pieces were swept up and placed in a box, waiting for the insurance company to assess the damage. Fortunately for collectors the sculpture was one of 799.


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February 23, 2023
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