David Hockney Sets New Record in Hong Kong

David Hockney Sets New Record in Hong Kong

David Hockney turned 83 on July 9th…the same day his 1996 30 Sunflowers painting sold for $14.8 million, making it the second-most expensive work by a Western artist to sell in Asia.

David Hockney’s 30 Sunflowers at auction at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong.

The work exceeded the presale auction estimate of $10.3 million.

David Hockney’s Work on the Cover of Vogue…Again

The August issue of British Vogue isn’t focused on fashion. It’s focused on the positive changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the environment. The world has seen less pollution and cleaner water in canals and rivers, leading the Vogue editors to wonder if humans can reset their relationship with the natural world.

David Hockney’s 2005 painting, Wheat Field Near Fridaythorpe, graces the August cover of British Vogue.

David Hockney’s painting is just one of fourteen that have been chosen as cover designs for the magazine’s  Reset series. The original works will be auctioned to raise funds for Covid-19 relief charities later this year.

This is not the first time that Hockney’s work has made the cover of Vogue. In December, 1995, his cubist-style portrait of his friend, Celia Birtwell, was on the cover of Paris Vogue, accompanied by a 41-page essay about the changes of perspective in Western art.

Hockney has been spending his time, during the quarantine, drawing on his iPad at his home in Normandy.

David Hockney
Early Morning, 2009
iPhone drawing printed on paper
37 x 25 1/2 inches
Edition 8 of 25
No. 68587.08
For sale at Surovek Gallery

In a Vogue interview Hockney said, “Now, I am in Normandy, a paradise of a place for me. I have made 120 iPad paintings of our large garden – it is like having drawing and painting equipment always at the ready, and there is no cleaning up needed. It’s quite fantastic. The other night I got up to pee at about 4am and saw the largest and brightest full moon in a long time. I was thrilled by it and recorded it on the iPad. Photography is useless for this, it pushes everything away, including the moon.”

David Hockney - my shirt and trousers

My Shirt and Trousers, 2010
iPad drawing printed on paper
37 x 28 inches
Edition 8 of 25
Signed and dated lower right
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Works by David Hockney at Surovek Gallery

Please contact us if you would like more information about Early Morning, My Shirt and Trousers, or any of the fine art available at Surovek Gallery.

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