David Hockney: Looking Out of His Window

David Hockney used to have his suits specially made with large pockets to accommodate a sketch book. In 2010 he got an iPad and discovered that it fit in the same pocket. A masterful artist in many mediums, Hockney has used the iPad to create visually stunning images.


In January, 2020, a limited edition book, signed and numbered by David Hockney, will be released. The drawings were done on both his iPhone and iPad between 2009 and 2012, while Hockney was at his former home in Yorkshire. The drawings depict intimate moments from Hockney's daily life and feel very personal, very serene. The book is also available as an unlimited run, whose still generous XL format presents Hockney’s impressions in brilliant resolution. 



The Hockneys

Never worry what the neighbours think was something that Kenneth Hockney told his five children, raised in the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire. John Hockney was the youngest sibling, a writer and musician. His book tells the story of how their parents inspired each child to be fearless and to find their own path in life.


Paul, who died in 2018, became the lord mayor of Bradford, Philip was a successful engineer who emigrated to Australia. Margaret became a nurse (and is credited with introducing David to the iPad). David, of course, became one of the world's most beloved artists. The Hockneys will be released on March 1, 2020.


David Hockney in Normandy

 David Hockney has done a lot of traveling in his life, but for the last 55 years he considered Los Angeles his home. Last year Hockney bought a house in Normandy, France, where he plans to spend the rest of his life.


In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Hockney said that he works in his studio every morning, goes to a nearby cafe for lunch, returns home to take a nap and then continues to paint for the rest of the afternoon.

The big draw in Normandy, for Hockney, is that it will allow him to live life on his own terms. "I'd like to just work and paint,' he said. "And to be able to smoke and eat in a restaurant at the same time. Thank God for Normandy. The French know how to live. They know about pleasure."


David Hockney's Artwork at the Surovek Gallery

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