William Glackens

About the Artist

Photograph of William James Glackens (1870 – 1938)

Photograph of William James Glackens (1870 – 1938)

William Glackens (1870-1938) was part of the American Realism movement, and was often referred to as The American Renoir. Glackens spent much of his career as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers. He traveled to Europe in 1895, where he studied independently. Glackens returned to New York where, to make a living, he resumed his work as an illustrator. He continued painting, and was influenced by the Ashcan movement, although his later work was more vibrant and Impressionistic.

Glackens helped his former high school classmate, Albert C. Barnes, establish the Barnes Foundation Collection by procuring nearly two dozen works by Renoir, Matisse and others, which formed the initial core of the Foundation’s collection.


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