Jack Lorimer Gray

About the Artist

Jack Lorimer Gray (1927-1981) Photo circa 1967

Jack Lorimer Gray (1927-1981)
Photo circa 1967

Jack Lorimer Gray (1927-1981) was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Gray traveled briefly to Montreal in 1948, to take a life drawing course from Arthur Lismer at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. His first major solo exhibition was at the Hackmatack Inn in Chester, Nova Scotia in 1948, leading to several commissions.

In the mid 1950s Gray moved to New York City, and initially painted in studios on boats in Flushing Bay.  In the 1970s, Gray had many exhibitions throughout the world. Most of Gray’s fame came from his oil-on-canvas pieces. Although he painted on pre-made canvas-on-board for some of his early works, he did hand-stretching of double-primed canvas for the majority of his output. All his oil works had an inscription on the back about the location of the scene depicted, often in considerable detail.


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