William Glackens Paintings

The paintings of William Glackens not only reflect his talent and sensibilities, but also reflect the social, political and artistic changes taking place in America in the beginning of the twentieth century.

Illustrating the Changing Times

Like his older brother, Louis, William Glackens began his career as an illustrator. McClure’s Magazine sent him to Cuba, to cover the Spanish-American War. His drawings, like The Night After San Juan, clearly illustrate the devastation and sadness of war.

William Glackens
The Night After San Juan, 1898
Watercolor, pen, and black ink on paper
Collection of NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Nova Southeastern University; bequest of Ira Glackens

Glackens book and story illustrations also captured the tone and feeling of the works for which he provided the artwork. The illustration he did for a story in Scribner’s Magazine in 1899, is a portrait of a strong, forceful, young woman scolding a roomful of men.

William Glackens
She wheeled about and stamped her foot. “Silence pigs!” she screamed.
Story illustration for “The Play’s the Thing” by Albert W. Vorse in Scribner’s Magazine, v.26 Aug, 1899

The story is about unrequited love but, at that moment, Glackens gave the heroine her shining moment.

William Glackens Paintings

Although a successful illustrator, Glackens wanted to pursue his career as a painter. Like other American artists of his era, he traveled to Europe to gain experience and perspective.

For Sale at Surovek Gallery:
William Glackens
Fruit on Plate with Knife

For Sale at Surovek Gallery:
William Glackens
The Artist’s Wife and Child

One of the painters Glackens traveled with was Robert Henri, both members of The Eight, the Ashcan School of realist painters who painted daily life on the streets of New York.

What Glackens brought back to America, was the influence of the Impressionists, and a broader style of painting technique and form.

William Glackens’ paintings, like Fruit on Plate with Knife and The Artist’s Wife and Child, both available at the Surovek Gallery, earned Glackens the title of The American Renoir.

William Glackens in South Florida

The most extensive collection of William Glackens paintings and drawings is maintained by Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale. The NSU Art Museum has the largest collection of Glackens’ work in the world, thanks to a donation by his son, Ira Glackens, who also authored two books about his father.

The current exhibition, William J. Glackens: A Modernist in the Making, includes early works, and is on display through October 2018.

William Glackens paintings can also be found at the Smithsonian, The Met and other major venues.

William Glackens Paintings at Surovek Gallery

The array of William Glackens paintings in our gallery spans several decades, and they are an outstanding representation of his body of work.

For Sale at Surovek Gallery:
William Glackens
Sailboats, Luxembourg Gardens c. 1895

Please contact us if you would like more information about Fruit on Plate with Knife, The Artist’s Wife and Child, Sailboats, Luxembourg Gardens or any of the other William Glackens paintings available in our gallery.

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