Charles Caryl Coleman

About the Artist

Charles Caryl Coleman was an American painter, associated with the Aesthetic Movement, who found his muse on the island of Capri.

Early Life
Charles Caryl Coleman was born in Buffalo, New York in 1840. Coleman studied with noted painter William Holbrook Beard, who lived in Buffalo for a brief time to help create an art community, which eventually led to the establishment of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy.
Coleman traveled to Paris when he was nineteen to study with French painter Thomas Couture.
His studies were interrupted when he returned to the U.S. to serve with the Union Army during the American Civil War. Coleman was wounded during the war, received an honorable discharge and spent time recovering in New York.
From 1863 to 1866, he worked from a studio in New York and began to show his work regularly at the Boston Athenaeum, the Brooklyn Art Academy and the National Academy of Design. He was elected an Associate Academician in the National Academy in 1865.
In 1866 Coleman was well enough to return to Europe with fellow artists William Morris Hunt and Elihu Vedder. He traveled to Paris, then through Brittany to Rome until he finally settled in Capri, where he bought the Villa Narcissus, a former convent.
Coleman entertained much of the expatriate community at his villa and many of his paintings were done of the villa and of views seen from the villa.
One of his frequent visitors was the artist Rose O’Nell, whose father was a friend of Coleman’s. Coleman wanted to leave the villa to O’Neill, but to avoid complicated Italian inheritance laws, O’Neill purchased the villa, where Coleman and his staff lived until his death in 1929, at age 94.

Legacy                                                                                                                                                                     Charles Caryl Coleman’s work can be found at the Met and other fine museums around the world. Azaleas and Apple Blossoms sold at Sotheby’s for $2.281 million in 2008.

[photo] Oliver Ingraham Lay Portrait of Charles Caryl Coleman 1876[photo] Charles Caryl Coleman River Landscape with Mist 1861

[photo] Charles Caryl Coleman Apple Blossoms 1889

[photo] Charles Caryl Coleman North Wind from Villa Narcissus, Capri 1905,_Capri_-_Charles_Caryl_Coleman_-_overall.jpg

[photo] Charles Caryl Coleman Women in the Wheat Fields, Anacapri 1887,_Anacapri_(1887).jpg
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