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The acquisition and sale of American works of art is our foremost goal; it is what we love to do, and do well.  – Surovek Gallery

The history of American art, and American artists, reflects the changes and growth that occurred as the country matured and became increasingly independent.

The British tradition of painting portraits and bucolic landscapes slowly evolved into art with an American sensibility. In 1820 the Hudson River School emerged as the first well-known school of American painters who created sweeping landscapes of uniquely American vistas.

Their works inspired the artists who came after them,  like Winslow Homer, to paint the world around them, in a clear, luminous style.

Winslow Homer
Barn Raising Prouts Neck, 1901
Pencil on paper
5 x 7 1/2 inches
Signed (l.l.)
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Many American artists, like Mary Cassatt, continued to travel to Europe to study art.

Mary Cassatt
Sketch of a Mother Looking Down at Thomas
Pastel counter proof mounted to back of mat
26 7/8 x 29 1/4 inches
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Cassatt spent most of her life in Paris, but most other artists, like William Glackens took what they learned in Paris and returned to the U.S. to create their own unique styles.

William Glackens
Fruit on Plate with Knife
Oil on Canvas
13 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Glackens was loosely associated with The Ashcan School, American artists who painted urban landscapes, and who were part of the 1913 Armory Show, which brought modern art to American audiences.

Even Regional artists like Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood traveled to Europe to study.

Thomas Hart Benton
Going West
Oil on canvas laid down on board
20 ½ x 41 ¼ inches
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Grant Wood
February 1940
8 7/8 x 11 3/4 inches
Edition of 250
Signed lower right: Grant Wood
For sale at Surovek Gallery

After World War ll, New York replaced Paris as the center of the art world. New York galleries and museums supported the artists whose work ushered in the modern and post-modern art movements.

Jacob Lawrence
New York in Transit 1, 1996
Gouache and pencil on paper
Sheet size:13 x 42 inches; 26 1/4 x 47 1/4 inches
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Artists like Frank Stella and Jasper Johns created works that redefined how we see a canvas and even how a canvas is shaped.

Frank Stella
Sinjerli Variation 111, 1977
Offset lithograph and screenprint in colors
32 1/2 x 42 1/2 inches
Signed: F. Stella ’77(l.r.)
Edition: 77/100
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Jasper Johns
Cicada, 1981
Lithograph printed in colors
26 5/8 x 20 3/8 inches
Edition 4/58
Signed in pencil, dated and numbered
For sale at Surovek Gallery

The works of Pop and Op artists reflected the post-war culture of consumerism that became an intrinsic  part of American culture.

Roy Lichtenstein
Brushstroke on Canvas, 1989
Color Lithograph
33 3/4 x 32 1/8 inches
Edition: 3/40
Signed, dated and numbered (l.r.)
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Graffiti artists in the 1980s brought art to the general public. Keith Haring was one of the most influential graffiti artists of the twentieth century. His drawings in the New York subways made him a public favorite and his work instantly recognizable.

Keith Haring
Barking Dog, 1990
Silkscreen with embossing
21 x 25 inches
Edition 133/250
Signed on verso by Julia Gruen, Executor of the Haring Estate
For sale at Surovek

American artists today have the freedom to explore and create the works that define their own sensibilities and to develop art that often defies categorization.

Walton Ford
La Historia Me Absolverá, 1999
Six-color hardground and soft ground etching, aquatint, spit-bite aquatint, drypoint and roulette on Somerset satin paper
44 x 30 inches
Edition of 50
Signed and dated: Lower right
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Scott Kelley
Swamp (Pages 16-17), 2019
Watercolor and Graphite on paper
15 x 22 inches
For sale at Surovek Gallery

Alex Katz, at age 92, has been creating works in his own unique style for more than half a century. The Guggenheim is planning a retrospective of his work in 2022.

Alex Katz
Purple Hat (Ada), 2017
Archival pigment inks
46 x 21 inches
Edition: 83/125
Signed: Alex Katz 83/125 (l.l.)
Available at Surovek Gallery

American Art at Surovek Gallery

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